Choose you

I told you i have been through too much pain and i don’t have the strength to carry on. You told me you will be my healer. You said i will never experience the same pain again. I believed you. I let you in. I gave you my heart but you LIED.

I got lost in a cloud of misery and sorrow. My knees felt weak and for a moment in time i was alone. You blinded my sight and i saw no fault in you. You made me believe again and in your eyes i saw hope and a future…but you LIED. In my cloud of misery  I thought the world had ended until….

I chose to be happy. I embraced my being and i picked myself up and carried on. I filled my mind with positive thoughts. I am stronger now, i don’t need anyone to make me feel alive. I have chosen me. It is at my weakest when i finally realised all along i was dead. I would ride on someone to feel who i am. When i didn’t have someone i felt empty. Not anymore. I love myself so much and i am guarding my heart with care. When the right time comes i will open it…





The Red in the Heart

The Red in the Heart… What is it? What does it mean?

When i picked the title of my blog i knew i had to explain what i mean by red in the heart. Therefore i felt it wise to make it my first post. Red in the heart is the term i have given to the emotions we express and experience in our lifetime, well its more of the reds. The heart on its on pumps blood and it keeps us alive. Emotions make us human, they define who we are and come from the heart. We love with all our heart and when heart-broken the heart aches. The heart has our “reds”.

I believe each and every person has a Red in their heart, emotions that have never been expressed and inner thoughts. In “The Red in the Heart” i will dare to express my reds which i know 99% of the world will relate to. ENJOY…